Recent Success Stories

2018 Project Success

Project 1: BEK Networks, LLC assisted a major regional credit union overhaul their entire WAN and Telephony footprint. The project increased bandwidth at all locations at a substantial price reduction.

Project 2: BEK Networks, LLC assisted a major regional construction company develop a plan to upgrade their entire data center footprint. The solution entailed a network assessment as well as offsite DR/Backup and a road map for their corporate switching architecture.

Project 3: BEK Networks, LLC assisted a significant regional Louisiana bank reconfigure their corporate architecture and developed a road map for their security infrastructure. The solution utilized Palo Alto to provide dual redundant security touchpoints.

2017 Project Success

Project 1: BEK Networks, LLC assisted a major regional construction company streamline and transition to a National UCaaS service provider. The solution both saved money and provided telecommunication disaster recovery for the company.

Project 2: BEK Networks LLC assisted a major regional banking organization overhaul their entire communication and WAN infrastructure by increasing band width at all locations and saving money with the project.

2016 Project Success

A major Healthcare facilities provider needed assistance in evaluating a collaborative solution for network, telephony, and service management. BEK Networks, LLC worked to provide insight and information into a comprehensive solution  that met all their needs.  The result was a strategic solution that will allow their business to sustain and scale.

2015 Project Success

A regional bank in Mississippi need a complete overhaul of their WAN and Telephony infrastructure and BEK Networks, LLC, using Gnosis Praxis provided a solution that increased bandwidth while streamlining current infrastructure. The result was as 10 fold increase in network bandwidth that was budget neutral for the client.

2014 Project Success

In 2014 BEK Networks,  LLC ran a major campaign in the Small Business Segment to bring clients current with fiber technology. Throughout the year, we helped migrate 20 different businesses in AL/MS from copper to fiber and in most instances, saved our clients valuable budget.

2013 Project Success

BEK Networks, LLC worked with a major Pharmacy Franchisor via Gnosis Praxis to streamline budget and telecommunication services and deliver an all fiber WAN solution in the network.

2012 Project Success

BEK Networks, LLC worked with a large skilled nursing home group to provide an evaluation of the current infrastructure and technology, propose recommendations to refresh their infrastructure and technology, and manage implementation procedures across vendors and internal resources. BEK Networks provided beneficial support during the discovery stages, including site surveys and staff interviews, and put together a comprehensive VoIP implementation plan that included an overwhelming ROI. The project included sites in 50 locations in 12 states with over 1700 users.

2011 Project Success

An Alabama based Manufacturing Company was strapped for Capital Expenditure Funding and was facing an end of life Cisco Systems Communications Manager. BEK Networks, LLC was able to deliver a solution that saved $250,000 in Capital Expenditure and reduce the annual telecommunication budget by $85,000. In addition, the client now has full Business Continuity in place with an instant telecommunication disaster recovery architecture.

2010 Project Success

An Alabama based publicly traded company needed to upgrade their Local Sonet Ring while deploying MPLS throughout 5 Major sites. BEK delivered a solution to upgrade their local Sonet Ring from an OC3 to and OC12 and deployed Ethernet MPLS Ports in Mobile, Atlanta, Louisiana, and Georgia.