Pandemic Effects on Technology

Pandemic Effects on Technology

2020 has been a challenge to say the least. Our team met this past January to present our sales plans and not a single one of us had the word “Pandemic” in our plan. We would learn 60 days later that the world was to change.

It has been a trying year for both BEK Networks as well as many of our clients. Our company has operated in the ‘virtual’ space for the past 20 years, so it wasn’t necessarily a transition for my team. We migrated to Office365 some 10 years ago and have been operating off of a cloud-based telephony platform for the past 7. Even our CRM exists in the cloud. Our biggest challenge this year is been trying to assist clients that had put off the needed adoption strategies as they operate in the new environment.

I do believe however, that there WILL be a silver lining to the past year. I think that the pandemic has caused all business to re-evaluate their models and that we will continue to see massive innovation in all aspects of business life from client interaction to product delivery. In times like this, business innovation is sped up by a significant multiple and the result will be much stronger models on the other side.

I’m not on the bandwagon that people are going to quit traveling or going into work but rather there will be a much more prevalent business culture of working from home, and/or office. I believe this will make businesses stronger and employee satisfaction higher. The result for the end-user consumer, will be a much stronger customer experience.

My take on this year is that with much pain, comes much progress. If your business needs help making the transition from traditional brick and mortar to a hybrid model or one that strikes a balance, Please feel free to reach out and allow us to have a frank discussion on ways to improve your operational response.

Doug Rabren

President, BEK Networks, LLC