What Cloud is for me?

What Cloud is for me?

Types of Clouds 

There are three flavors of cloud models for you to consume: public, private and hybrid. BEK Networks can help you determine which cloud is for you. Let’s dive into the benefits of each cloud type and how applications function in these environments.  

Public Cloud 

These are the hyperscale cloud providers that are widely known, such as AWS, Azure and Google. These companies provide a pool of resources that are managed by the end user. This is a multitenant environment, which means resources are shared by multiple customers.  

Public cloud is a great option if your business wants to avoid owning, managing, and housing appliances. It is the responsibility of the public cloud provider to handle the maintenance and support for this pool of resources. 

Public clouds are also a great fit if your business is highly scalable or seasonal and demands a great amount of flexibility.

Private Cloud 

Don’t want to share? Private cloud is for you! Private cloud provides dedicated infrastructure at a set cost. This can include compute, storage, networking, and security solutions. These resources can be managed by the customer or by a third party.  

Private cloud providers also offer hyperconverged infrastructures. These solutions are software defined and allow organizations to scale quickly if needed.  

Hybrid Cloud 

The majority of businesses will land in this category. This model provides applications across multiple clouds or multiple compute resources. These solutions can be deployed on or off premises.  

Common uses for hybrid clouds include disaster recovery (DRaaS), backup (BaaS), storage retention, data lakes, scalability for spikes in usage, and test/dev environments. 

Need help determining which option works best for you?  Contact BEK Networks today!