CloudGenix SD-WAN

CloudGenix SD-WAN

Partner: CloudGenix (now a Palo Alto Networks company)

Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA

Founded: 2013

Publicly Traded: Palo Alto Networks has been publicly traded since 2012 – PANW

Solution Overview: CloudGenix is Magic Quadrant leader for SD-WAN solutions. Legacy WAN architecture lacks the visibility and automation that businesses need to be agile. The branch model has shifted to a software defined WAN in order to improve cloud integrations, automation, up-time and the use of commodity Internet connections.

This solution also integrates with multiple cloud-based security solutions, such as Prisma Access. This allows CloudGenix to deliver networking and security services from to cloud, to the branch and reduce costs.

CloudGenix was acquired by Palo Alto Networks to bolster their branch and SD-WAN portfolio in 2020.

Quick Description: CloudGenix offers next-gen SD-WAN solutions.

Is This Solution Right for Me? Would you like to lower MPLS costs? Would you like to reduce the number of network appliances at the branch? Does your organization struggle with app and network visibility?

  • Automate network operations
  • Replace MPLS with affordable data transport options
  • Router modernization
  • Integrate with PAN Panorama
  • App defined analytics – based on layer 7 visibility

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