Penetration Test vs Vulnerability Scans

Penetration Test vs Vulnerability Scans

It is quite common to hear a vulnerability scan labeled a pen (penetration) test. While both engagements are quite useful, they are not the same. When your organization is shopping for a vendor to provide these services, it is important to understand the complete scope of work.

A penetration test is labor intensive and should include a highly trained security expert and/or team of experts who seek to exploit flaws in the architecture of an organization’s IT network. If a flaw is uncovered, it will be exploited to determine its severity. This activity simulates the actions of a hacker if they entered your network. A vulnerability scan focus on known vulnerabilities and perform a scan of your network and report the potential exposures. A vulnerability scan does not attempt to exploit the exposures.

Vulnerability scans are relatively affordable when compared to a penetration test due to the level of service and number of hours that are required to thoroughly complete a penetration test. Vulnerability scans include a large amount of automation, thanks to tools such as Qualys, Rapid7 and Nessus. Penetration tests are manual processes conducted by a security professional.

Some vulnerability scans include a vulnerability assessment, which ranks or prioritizes the known vulnerabilities within your environment.

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