Benefits of Outsourcing IT Help Desk

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Help Desk

Through my years of working in this industry, I’ve noticed an upward trend of companies outsourcing their Managed IT Help Desk Services and for good reason.  There are several contributing factors as to why companies choose to do this and here are what I consider the be the top 3:

  1. Having the bandwidth to hire and train IT certified professionals
  2. Cost associated with running an IT Help Desk on a per user basis, time, and infrastructure
  3. Customer satisfaction to meet internal and external SLA’s to support the end user

When you begin searching for a 3rd party vendor as your Managed Services provider for IT Help Desk, you need to consider the following: What are the benefits of hiring this company?  How will they meet our needs?  Will we see a return on investment in doing so?  Can you grow with us as our infrastructure needs increase? Will our users see a difference with quick and precise responses? Third party vendors, like our partner, CSPi Technologies, corner the market in this area. They hire only the best, they provide extensive training, they understand the needs of the customer, and provide the best tools to handle incoming queries, support tickets, escalation, and overall day to day tech issues.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with this, tech support is a critical element of the overall end user experience for all businesses.  This type of support differs from the more common “customer service”  in that it deals directly with technical issues such as handling installation errors, support for desktop and portable devices, end user issues, back-up and recovery, common applications and operating systems, hardware and software platforms, password resets, remote support, etc., the list goes on and on.  A stable IT  Help Desk can prove to be the key to your business’ success as it helps you focus on your core functions.

Keep in mind, the right Managed IT Help Desk Services Provider can work as a seamless extension to your company to meet your business objectives.

If you’re ready to explore how a full service Managed IT Help Desk can put your business on top, give us a call.