What’s Your Focus

What’s Your Focus

I recently had a conversation with a colleague about our business model.    Try as I may, I could not get them to understand how we operate.  Their experience had been in the traditional VAR model in which VAR’s typically sell a handful of key manufacturers such as Avaya, Cisco, etc.…  This is a very well established model and many companies have had great success with it.  In general, these companies do solve problems for the clients that they represent. 

The one big flaw in this model is that there are commitments associated with manufacturers and it’s hard to keep the client in the center of the model.  At some point, you have to sell ‘boxes’ and this leads to the light being shined in the wrong direction.

A few years back , we were one of those shops and our only provider was AT&T.  AT&T has an incredible network, but it wasn’t all always the right fit.  We often would walk away from business rather than putting a square peg in a round hole.   At the end of the day, we weren’t always meeting our client’s needs.

As a company we knew that we HAD to refocus our business so that the CLIENTis always the center of our focus.  If we placed their needs in front of all else, our business would grow.  In the end, we needed to partner with a Master Partner like Telarus so that we could provide ANY carrier, or manufacturer and always deliver the best solution for our clients. 

Some 4 years later, we are having record breaking years, one after the other and our clients are getting the best in breed and price for their IT related needs.  It was all so very simple.  We just needed to rededicate  our company to focus on the most important variable in the equation – the client.