5 Steps for Protecting Against Ransomware

5 Steps for Protecting Against Ransomware


5 Steps for Protecting Against Ransomware

1. Patch All Your Systems. Keeping software up to date is annoying, but it’s necessary. Make patch management a priority! Many organizations struggle with understanding which systems are out of date, but we have great tools in our portfolio that will alert you of at-risk systems and notify you of the date its cert expired

2. Rank Your Security Posture with Your Team. The most important factor in this step is being honest! Identify the things you’re doing well (and celebrate those!), things that need work, and things that are highly at risk. If you don’t have a dedicated security team or the ability to do this internally, we offer multiple solutions that will assist you with this process.

3. Offer Cyber Security Training for Your People. While cyber security training won’t stop all your threats, it does lower your chances. People still represent the greatest attack vector for our organizations. There are a multitude of affordable solutions in this space that will help your company track progress over time.

4. Back Up Everything At Least Once a Day. backup solutions have come a long way from the days of tape. It’s never been easier to backup data. Best practice is three copies of data and one copy that resides offsite.

5. Have an Offsite Copy. Whether you send this to one of the big public cloud providers (AWS, Azure or Google) or you utilize a private cloud provider, be sure to keep an offsite copy. We have wonderful partners in this space who can assess the best solution for your data and assist with the migration.

None of the tips that we have provided are silver bullets, but these will certainly improve your chances of combating an attack. If you’d like assistance with assessing your security needs, please contact us for a free consultation!

What tips would you recommend for protecting your organization from ransomware?